Services Provided at the Premarital Counseling Center and Characteristics of the Clients, In Kayseri, Turkey (Report)

1. INTRODUCTION Family is an institution comprised of two individuals of opposite gender bound together legally and morally and which has psychological, social, and biological functions [1]. Family is defined as a group or an organization while marriage is defined as a contract between two individuals of opposite gender who wish to live together, to share experiences, to have children, to raise them. Marriage is an institutionalized way, a system of relations, a kind of legal relationship that unites the husband and wife as spouses, that provides the children to be born with a given status in which the state has controls, rights and authority [2]. Various forms of marriage have existed for thousands of years all over the world though the significance and purposes may have varied. In our society, too, marriage is considered to be a normal and expected way of life.

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