Site-Based Decision-Making: Views from Secondary School Personnel (Report)

With the implementation of site-based decision-making occurring in schools, an understanding of the views of secondary school principals and of secondary school teachers would provide valuable information. In the study, six principals and six teachers, from either high performing or low performing schools, were purposefully selected for their views of site-based decision-making at their respective campuses. For the first research question in which campus characteristics associated with site-based decision-making committees were sought, respondents provided three themes: collaboration; voice/communication; and application/procedures. Regarding ways in which decision-making committees were influencing the decision-making process on the campus level, the themes of site-based decision-making team member composition, empowerment, and negative power were present. Concerning how campus culture was influenced by site-based decision-making, participants responded in terms of the themes of acceptance and of dissatisfaction. Findings and implications are discussed. Keywords: Site-based decision making; Principals; Teachers

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