Sixteen Counseling Sessions with the Wonderful Counselor

“Here you will find practical, straight-from-the-shoulder help for people in need, with loving, sensitive concern. God’s Word is skillfully woven into the material lending the note of God’s authority. “Sixteen Sessions with the WONDERFUL COUNSELOR” is a good book to give to counselees and a great book in helping to train lay people.” 
Walt Croom, Ph.D, General Director of Military Evangelism, Inc.

“In “Sixteen Sessions with the WONDERFUL COUNSELOR” Dan Peters wastes no words as he mines from the wealth of Scripture the wisdom and ways of our God in applying His truth to a variety of real-life situations. Great value is found in the stimulating questions at the end of each chapter and then even greater value is discovered in his wise answers in the back of the book. This is a concise and sharp tool in equipping one another to aid others in their battle with sin and its difficult effects.” 
 David A. Jones – Pastor of Campbell Memorial Baptist Church in WV.
“This book isn’t another self-help book based upon pop psychology. Dan Peters has gleaned some wonderful insights from the Bible on how God himself counseled people. This is a wonderful tool to get to know God better and how to counsel others in these same areas. As an expositor of the Bible and a biblical counselor that I’ve respected over the years, Dan consistently allows the text of Scripture to speak for itself rather than reading into it. This book is a wonderful tool to train future pastors. This is a must read for pastors, counselors and small group members.” 
Rick Leineweber, Pastor of Small Groups at Atlantic Shores Baptist Church and Head Consultant for BiblicalDisciplemaking.NET

“I read your book and think it is fantastic. Your simple, Bible-based approach to life’s most tangled issues is both inspiring and refreshing in an age that promotes the wisdom of man. 
Dr. David Nelson, President, Founder & Executive Director at Crossing Cultures International.

Dan and Diane Peters have served the Lord and His people in four churches for over 40 years in Pennsylvania and Maryland. They have been blessed with six children and nine amazing grandchildren.

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