Small Talk: How to Talk to People, Start Conversations, Improve Your Charisma, Social Skills and Lessen Social Anxiety

We reveal the secrets of social butterflies!

Instantly improve your people skills. Never feel awkward again when you meet new people.

If you’ve worried about social anxiety, how to listen, what to say, and how to be interesting in your communication, this quick-read small talk guide will make you someone with charisma who people love to talk to.

*New 2nd Edition: Updated & Expanded! Includes new chapter: Small Talk for Dating and expanded chapter on Reading Body Language* 

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If you’ve ever felt nervous before a work party, blind date, or friend’s dinner, worry no more after reading this book and getting awesome tips on improving your social skills, listening and charisma.

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Learn simple but effective techniques for starting and keeping conversations going

Get dozens of new conversation starters you can use on anyone

Master your listening ability with three simple tricks

Discover why you already have great charisma, and you just need to practice

Revolutionize how you think about your own communication skills

Enhance the signals you are sending and receiving with body language

Understand the ways people are communicating with you in a conversation

Build confidence in your social skills

Get ready to use questions and answers in conversation with charisma

Develop new ways to understand communication

See why small talk is actually very important to your success in work, social settings and your love life

And much, more more!

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Download our book to learn how to start conversations, how to improve your social skills and what kind of questions to ask people you’ve just met, when you learn how to be a better listener, how to start and end conversations, how to move on from social skill “mistakes,” and how to calm your nerves.

Also learn what not to talk about and see a list of awesome questions to ask new acquaintances to get the conversation flowing and keep it interesting.

The book is simple, short, has proven strategies, and you’ll be better right away at conversation and small talk.

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