Solving Counseling Problems

How To Deal With The Major Problems Of Life – What do you do when you are faced with some of these problems – 1. Intense Fear That Overwhelms You – 2. Worry That Robs You of Your Joy – 3. Depression That Brings You To a Grinding Halt – 4. Guilt That Eats Away At You – 5. Hurts That Demolish You – 6. Anger That Controls You – 7. Bitterness That Contaminates You – 8. Insecurity And Low Self Esteem That Make You Weak and Vulnerable.

Do you run to the doctor for medication to help you deal with your crisis? Or are you able to turn to the Word of God for the answers?

Do these problems come from bad experiences in life? Or because we contracted an undefinable illness, called Mental Illness?

You Can Help Others In Need – This teaching shows you everything you need to not only overcome these problems in your own life, but also to counsel and minister to others who are facing them – You Will Learn How Problems Are Solved The Biblical Way

There is a simpler explanation from the Word of God.

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