Statistical Analysis and Decision Making Using Microsoft Excel

This manuscript contains various approaches in interpreting data and how the unearthed pieces of information be used as practical inputs for decision making. With the aid of Microsoft Excel, presented in a step-by-step manner, data sets that differ in kind, probability, and distributions are analyzed and interpreted with a framework of solidifying fundamental understanding of data analysis and of carrying through these skills in the daily administration of decisions in managing production, people, money, and all forms of resources. This book hopes to complement with the other existing books in research and statistics that prefer to treat problems manually and explain applications theoretically.

Students doing basic high school research will benefit from this book. College and graduate students who are doing a classroom research activity will also take full advantage of this. However, some novice researchers and professionals may find this manuscript equally useful; and those others who decided to dislike mathematics but found awe in it nonetheless. This book is really for them.

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