Teen Suicide

Teen Suicide: The Raw Truth, educates teens, parents, peers and teachers. It expresses on the major stressors on why children commit suicide, while expressing how parents, peers and teachers can help a child in need. Suicide is hitting the homes of many families and it is time to stand strong together and help our children.
The reader will find the reasons why a child commits suicide, and the main source they use to commit suicide. The reader will also be able to read about true suicide victims. One will find twenty interviews, which were done by the author. The author sat with the children and talked about subjects that are killing our children. The author hopes the book helps children who are contemplating suicide, helps parents understand the signs and symptoms their child may be showing, peers who know someone is wanting to commit suicide to reach out and let someone know and teachers to keep their eyes and ears open.

Teen Suicide | psikologx | 4.5