The 5 Personality Patterns

“This is one of the most useful popular psychology books I have ever seen. . . . It should become a classic.” 
— Stephen M. Johnson, author of Character Styles and Characterological Transformation 

Finally, there is a simple, clear, true-to-life map of personality that gives you the key to understanding people and communicating with them effectively. This is a book that can change your life. 

Much of our human suffering is not necessary. It is created by old patterns of feeling and acting that helped us survive the traumas of childhood, but then got stuck in our bodies. These patterns have shaped us so deeply that now we think that’s who we are. But these patterns are not your true self. In fact, they cover up your true self and prevent it from shining out into the world. 

Fortunately, there is a map of these survival patterns, a map that helps you: 
• Discover how you got stuck and how to get free 
• Heal your core wounds 
• Learn the skills you missed 
• Communicate effectively with others 
• Develop emotional maturity 

This book lays out that map and shows you the path out of your suffering and back to your true self. Once you know where you’re going, your journey will be easier. Without a map, you may have been walking in circles for years. With a map, you can find your way home.

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