The 720 Snapshot: An Innovative Approach to Leadership Decision Making to Help You to See Beyond What Is Seen

As you make leadership decisions, what you don’t see can hurt you and your organization!

When you consider all things in your leadership decision making, are you really considering “all things,” or only the things you see? Without being fully aware of all potential influences on your leadership decisions, you will inevitably make judgments that produce undesirable outcomes. When you consistently realize such outcomes over time, you are sure to become a frustrated, discouraged, and self-doubting leader, unsure of whether you actually have “what it takes” to lead your organization successfully. However, you can develop the skills necessary to help you, within a matter of minutes, make comprehensive, multi-dimensional organizational assessments that provide you with the intelligence that you need to make decisions that will significantly increase your personal and organizational success!

In this book, international leadership expert Dr. Charles A. Moody, Jr. has integrated decades of research, training, consulting, and experience into the development of a new and innovative decision-making paradigm: The 720° Snapshot. This groundbreaking model is designed to equip leaders with the assessment skills they need in order to see beyond that which is seen with the natural eye in their organizations, empowering them to make fully-informed decisions that produce proven results.

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