The Bipolar Advantage

Unorthodox, but wise perspectives that will help you look at your life in a fresh light… A bipolar must. –Peter Russell (Author From Science to God, The Global Brain Awakens)

The Bipolar Advantage is a revelation. It is one man’s journey through the darkness and light of the bipolar condition to a place of spiritual joy, functionality and excellence that holds lessons for everyone with a diagnosis of bipolar.

Raw, honest and brazen, The Bipolar Advantage draws its examples from the real-life experiences of its author, other people with a bipolar diagnosis and those who have relationships with bipolar people. Pulling no punches, Tom Wootton paints a realistic picture of the bipolar condition in its many faces, then gently guides the reader through the steps necessary to lead an introspective life that greatly ameliorates those symptoms, with the ultimate goal of helping bipolar people gain control of their lives.

Tom takes the reader on a journey through the good and bad aspects of bipolar, transforming negatives into positives and nurturing a mental environment where bipolar people can reshape their views of their condition and move fluidly from concepts of illness to excellence.
Ultimately, The Bipolar Advantage will stand as a guide book for those who don’t want to accept a diminished view of their lives after a diagnosis of bipolar. It s a road map to wellness and strength that will stand the test of time and the changing winds of popular bipolar treatment modalities.

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