The Consumer Satisfaction/Dissatisfaction Process: The Context of Joint Or Syncratic Decision-Making.

ABSTRACT This paper was undertaken to provide insight into the consumer satisfaction/ dissatisfaction process in the context of joint or syncratic decision-making. Another objective was to investigate the applicability of the symbolic interaction framework to the consumer satisfaction process and to test the reliability and validity of the scales using three separate data sets: husbands, wives, and joint. A third purpose was to use the confirmation/disconfirmation model to investigate the relationship between syncratic decision-making and the individual and joint satisfaction of husbands and wives. The results indicate that, despite significant differences in norms, expectations, and perceptions of performance, husbands and wives showed no significant difference in disconfirmation and satisfaction. There was also no significant difference between the joint and the individual satisfaction of either husbands or wives. Implications are that individual differences in norms, expectations, and perceptions of product performance could result in similar levels of satisfaction.

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