The Counselling Sessions: Overcoming Low Mood and Depression

This book is based on real-life counselling sessions. The themes are based on real events that occurred during counselling sessions with various clients who were suffering with low mood or depression.

The book shows a scripted conversation between counsellor and client over five counselling sessions. There are also counsellor notes throughout each session to help the reader understand why the counsellor asked particular questions or responded in a certain way.

The therapy used is called ‘Solution Focused Therapy’. It is a brief therapy that is designed to focus on the resources of the client. It focuses on strengths and aims to help the client become aware of their own solutions through a specific set of questions. It encourages the client to think about the future and only uses the past as a means to identify what works and does not work for the client.

About the Author
Louise Palmer is a Psychologist and Solution Focused Therapist who has worked in the psychological field for over 10 years. She has delivered solution focused therapy sessions to a wide range of clients who have had various concerns such as anxiety, depression, stress, eating disorders, relationship problems, health problems and addictions.

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