The Demise of Guys

The Demise of Guys fear­lessly tack­les one of the tough­est social dilem­mas of the twenty-first cen­tury: in a world of increas­ing ‘arousal addic­tion’, where do guys find long-term mean­ing, pur­pose, social con­nec­tion and direc­tion — and can porn and videogames actu­ally play a part in it? The authors smartly com­bine eye-popping sta­tis­tics about the per­va­sive­ness of arousal addic­tion with sound, and often sur­pris­ing, prac­ti­cal advice for fathers, moth­ers, and girlfriends—and of course, young men themselves.

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The Demise of Guys | psikologx | 4.5