The Greatest Relationship Secret

The ultimate, essential, most significant key to understanding relationships – a key that can also transform your ENTIRE LIFE – is revealed in this ebook. This key is the missing link in many personal growth systems and counselling methods, but you can use it together with what you already know.

This relationship secret determines the people you are attracted to and attract into your life. It affects the way you communicate with others and how others respond to you. And it’s responsible for the types of relationship patterns you get into (and get stuck in).

So if you’d like to understand and resolve any relationship issues and have more choice in how your relationships turn out, this ebook will open your eyes to how you can.

This information will give you greater self-acceptance and understanding, and the means to access inner resources and choices that will improve your relationships and your whole life experience.

About The Author: Astra Niedra is a writer and teacher of Voice Dialogue and the Psychology of Selves, a unique approach to personal growth that involves working with the parts, or inner selves, of the psyche. She writes the Voice Dialogue in Daily Life blog, and has also written for Tiny Buddha, Finer Minds, Nurture Natural Parenting magazine and WellBeing magazine. She is author of The Perfect Relationship and Enlightenment Through Motherhood.

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