The Junior School Learner Book 3

The book helps junior secondary school learner to understand him/herself, provide skills in passing examinations, manage life, learn more about careers and decision-making, plan future, and explore legal issues. The first section is about assessing personal quality traits and how personality influences decisions. It then helps the learner identify good ways of communicating with others, use better and effective methods of studying, and how to handle examination anxiety. It provides skills of use of time effectively and designing a study timetable. It identifies better ways of managing resources and teaches self-discipline and how to succeed at school. It explains how education influences career choice, how to select subjects related to career choice. It guides the learner on how to conduct oneself appropriately during an interview. Topics on preparing for the future, family, and handling problems of a family are covered. Learners explore their personal values and issues about crime, corruption, and consequences of abusing drugs.

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The Junior School Learner Book 3 | psikologx | 4.5