The Life Cycle of Wealth

For those who have attained financial independence, this text offers you important insights into the challenge of providing for future generations. For those still in pursuit of independence, The Life Cycle of Wealth provides a clear view of the road ahead, a concrete approach to managing risk, and an overview of the financial professionals available to guide you. For all concerned, The Life Cycle of Wealth delivers a holistic view of personal finance and a method for developing a long-term strategy to fund your purpose for life.

The Life Cycle of Wealth gives you an unprecedented look at the natural process of developing wealth over a lifetime, and the challenges involved with passing it on.
Instead of the usual tips about ‘What to do when…,” The Life Cycle of Wealth teaches you to think strategically, so you can align your plans with your values, and your actions with both.
Once you read it, you will reference it often. Again and again, The Life Cycle of Wealth will deliver truth to your financial life, so you can make great decisions that lead to achieving real wealth in your lifetime.
This book offers both knowledge and wisdom in a timeless, simple fashion that leaves you inspired to move forward with confidence and to pass your wisdom to future generations.

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