The Pancreatic Oath

A revolutionary guide to Self-Health!
Try the Data-Driven Diet designed to transform healthcare in America.
Are you one of millions who fuel the billion dollar diet industry? Diet after diet…you’ve tried and yet have failed to achieve your long-term goals. You are not alone.The Pancreatic Oath is a revolutionary new book from registered nurse, licensed social worker and certified health counselor Candice Rosen that introduces thecutting-edge Pancreatic Nutritional Program (PNP). Simply, the PNP provides readers with an understanding of how their body processes the food they choose to eat, how it affects their pancreas, and the domino effect that poor choices have on their weight and their health.
In this groundbreaking new book you will learn about:
Pancreatic abuse—signs and causes
The relationship between the pancreas, diabetes and other chronic health issues 
The ten essentials of the PNP™
How to test blood glucose levels and what they mean
Sample meal choices and recipes
From weight gain to diabetes to heart disease, what you eat and how that foodaffects the pancreas has a direct effect on your health. It can cause or prevent future disease. It can cause you to gain or lose weight. The Pancreatic Oath peels away the mystery that surrounds the functioning of the often overlooked, but terribly important gland called the pancreas.
Live and eat not just for today. Eat for all the tomorrows!

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