The Pharmacist’s Guide to Evidence-Based Medicine for Clinical Decision Making

The book was especially developed for the busy practitioner who can read through the text
in an evening or two and immediately apply the 5-Step Evidence-Based Medicine Process to
his or her practice setting. Although there is an assumed minimal level of pharmacotherapy,
literature evaluation, study design, and interpretive biostatistics knowledge for the reader,
reference to additional reading is made to assist those requiring a review of these foundational
Developed to give clinical pharmacists an edge, this book provides a practical approach for
applying sound EBM principles to your clinical decision making process.
Based on a five-step process perfected over ten years at the University of Missouri?Kansas City
School of Pharmacy, this exciting new approach will:
• Reduce complexity
• Shorten time for decision making support
• Maintain rigor
• Categorize quality of the evidence in a simple, straightforward, and logical manner
• Provide a process designed specifically for pharmacists making drug therapy decisions
Use of examples, tables, diagrams, and key ideas highlighted throughout the book and
summarized at the end of each chapter provide pharmacists with skills they can implement
the next day to begin applying EBM principles to their practice.

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