The Power of Focus: Discover the Enormous Power Focus has on Goal Setting

Hi, my name is Dr David Barton. I am the author of the Goal Achievers Program.

In this short eBook I will share with you why I consider focus to be so essential to achieving your grandest and loftiest of goals.

The topics covered here include

1. Anyone can achieve success at their goals
2. Age Doesn’t Determine Success
3. Mental Health Doesn’t Determine Success
4. Talent Doesn’t Decide Your Success
5. Finding for your focus
6. How to find your passion

I hope that by the end of this eBook you will agree with me that focus is extremely essential to goal achievement. I also hope you will agree that practically anyone can achieve amazing success with their lives, and that success is not a matter of birth, but more a factor of what you chose to focus your time and energy on.

Thank you for purchasing this eBook, and I hope you will benefit greatly from reading it.

To your success

Dr David Barton

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