The Pyramid and the Box

Congregations, the members who attend them, and the leaders who serve them are too often wounded by the ill effects of bad decision-making. The Pyramid and the Box attempts to answer three primary questions about decision-making in the local church: What is decision-making? Who are the legitimate decision-makers? How do you execute effective decision-making?

“You are holding a great handbook on decision-making for every local church. I commend Joel’s insights into biblical decision-making–here are some profound new insights into how it should be done.”
–Hans Finzel
author of The Top Ten Mistakes Leaders Make

“Decisions matter. They have consequences. Joel Tetreau does an outstanding job in exploring this subject and giving us principles and tools to work with. He draws from good scholarship and pastoral experience.”
–Matt Olson
Former President of Northland International University

“Joel’s book is both needed and refreshing.  It is needed because church leadership needs clear exegetical direction, and it is refreshing because Joel puts truth into usable shoe leather for today’s church.”
–Daniel Davey 
President and Professor of Biblical Exposition 
Virginia Beach Theological Seminary.

“Dr. Tetreau’s approach is theologically rich, exegetically sound, biblically shaped, and eminently practical for both the teaching-shepherd and the people of God in the body of Christ. I have every confidence that his seminal work in this book will benefit multiples of ministries.”
–Doug McLachlan 
former President of Central Baptist Theological Seminary

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