The Seven Shades of Darkness

Within the context of this book “Shades of Darkness” is roughly analogous with Jung’s idea of “The Shadow” and Freud’s Unconscious.

The manuscript covers seven of these shadows or dark sides of our being which I refer to as “The Seven Shades of Darkness”. These shades are not based on any esoteric script or religious view or psychological treatise. They merely are my own formulation of seven differing subconscious mentalities which we ought to be cognizant of in our daily interactions.
The Seven Shades are The Devil (desperation), The Victim (victim mentality), The Enforcer (guilt/religious conformity), The Vortex (fear of sin), The Strangler (expectation/obsession), The Cavalier (riding ones luck) and The Conjurer (denial/delusion).

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