Tips for Successfully Publishing Your Ideas in Professional School Counseling (Editor’s NOTE)

Many individuals have written short articles or editorials in which the), provided recommendations for things that authors can do to increase their chances of getting published in professional journals (e.g., Auger, 2008; Davis & Sink, 2001; Granello, 2007; Kline, 2008; Kline & Farrell, 2005; Lambie, Sias, Davis, Lawson, & Akos, 2008; McGowan & Scholl, 2004; Sink, 2000). I imagine their desire to write those articles, like mine, came from their experiences working with and/or seeing individuals who struggle with various aspects of writing for publication. During my own experiences as a writer, editor, and counselor educator, I have noticed patterns in terms of the types of writing errors commonly made by authors. I share the information below in an effort to help potential authors understand what the editorial board of Professional School Counseling looks for when it reviews and rates manuscripts. TIPS FOR PREPARING ALL MANUSCRIPTS

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