Transformation for Life: Healing & Growth for Adult Children of Alcoholics and Others

Adult Children of Alcoholics (ACOAs) all experienced traumatic childhoods. As a result, they suffer crippling self-esteem difficulties, troubled relationships, loneliness and a multitude of other problems as adults. ACOAs often are unaware of their feelings, don’t get their needs met, react inappropriately, believe they’ll be rejected and have limited potential in their careers. Transformation for Life acknowledges that ACOAs suffer difficulties because of their past but immediately launches a program to help them turn their scars into strengths. An audible self-interview process is utilized that empowers the reader to act like his or her own therapist. The resulting insight works together with proven recovery techniques, revealing exercises and homework that heals. This multi-faceted approach begins in the first chapter and works methodically to furnish what the reader needs.

Transformation for Life addresses the vast difficulties shared by the more than 28 million ACOAs in America. It delivers solutions rather than clinical observations. It motivates with insightful examples, improvements and incremental rewards resulting in dynamic empowerment. Life-changing healing, growth and skill development free adult children (who never learned key life lessons or skills due to parental dysfunction) from emotional chains constructed in the past.

The chapters in Transformation for Life are grouped into six major growth and recovery categories: self-awareness, healing, self-love, relationship-building, spirituality and goal achievement. They serve as building blocks that comprise an overall program that provides healing and also teaches important life skills.

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