Unbelievable Me: 5 Steps to a Mindset for Success

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The growth mindset makes headlines in the major news outlets (such as Time Magazine, The New York Times, Forbes Magazine and others) almost daily. Shift to the “GROWTH mindset” today!

This is a hard-hitting, research-based survey of self-discovery techniques and it’s a top recommendation for readers who come to it with the necessary prerequisites of absorbing a scientific and research-based approach to lasting change. 
–D. Donovan, Senior E-Book Reviewer, MBR Bookwatch

…Lowell and Lola’s thoroughly researched, compelling self-help work focuses on undoing ‘fixed mindset thinking’…An inventive, entertaining mix of history, research and self-help. 
–Kirkus Reviews Magazine

The secret long held by only the most successful people in the world is out. The media consistently provides coverage of the growth mindset being applied in classrooms, businesses, and everyday life throughout the Western hemisphere. And the resulting improvements in performance are dramatic. 

The “fixed mindset” has hindered human progress and development in the West for close to 2,000 years. Discover the explicit details of how after decades of investigation, eminent researchers taught numerous individuals to realized their true potential by shifting their mindset. 

Lowell and Lola present a 5-step program based on the above research that will help you to unleash your true potential by shifting to the growth mindset. A number of worksheets are provided as well as additional information on goal-attainment strategies to help you put the learned material into practice, and give you EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO SUCCEED.

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