Understanding Ethics and Ethical Decision-Making

This book has been about ethics and ethical decision making. As ethical
refl ection permeates every decision made in practice, the book discussed
the importance of developing moral reasoning ability, which is crucial
for handling ethical dilemma and making ethical decisions in nursing and social
work practice. The book encouraged the use of models as another form of ethical
decision-making paradigms. The book used discussions based on case studies to
illustrate how ethics inform practice and allow one to make decisions that are
morally justifi able.
This book will enable our students to gain a step by step approach to the
knowledge and application of Ethics to practice. The book drew from the work of
many scholars and designed a simple model to help students gain the knowledge
of ethical analysis and decision making. Vidal Johnson, Senior Lecturer in Law
and Ethics, London South Bank University
I was impressed by the way this author consistently addressed both social work
and nursing ethical issues, highlighting the importance of ethics and application
in nursing and social work practice. Michelle Evans, Senior lecturer in Learning
Disability/Mental Health and Social Work, London South Bank University
Most other published books on nursing and social work ethics are often laden
with theories and principles. This book offers an excellent contribution to the
understanding of the relationship between learning ethical theories and principles
and their practice applications. Jude C. Ibe, Principal lecturer in Dept. of Family
Care and Mental Health; University of Greenwich, London.

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