Why He’s Dating Her (Instead of You) – Why He Didn’t Commit, Why He Left, and Why You’re Still Hooked – 10 Ways to Be the Woman Every Man Wants

“Why Men Fall for Some Women and Not Others…”

Why do some women get the attention of all the great guys, while others end up alone…or with “little boys” who can’t commit and aren’t emotionally available?

If you’re looking to attract the right man, keep him around as long as you want, and put an end to bad relationships, this book is for you.

In this book, you’ll learn…

– How women who are "naturally" good with men control relationship issues that involve compromise. (It’s probably not what you think.)

– Too available? How to tell (and how to stop…before it’s too late).

– The “honeymoon phase” and how to deal with it. (Skip just one of these strategies and you run the risk scaring him off.)

– Why a man will hide his true emotions, sometimes without even knowing it, and the powerful “psychological” technique, which will expose who he really is. (He’ll actually be glad you use this on him.)

– The secret of “instant attraction” and how to be the woman all men want for a long-term relationship.

– When you should trust your gut…and when you shouldn’t.

– The “Boyfriend Stealer” – How to spot her!

– Why trying to be the perfect girlfriend actually makes you less desirable.

– A quick and foolproof way to tell if he’s “The One.”

– 3 activities you can do with a man (and your friends) which will create a lasting emotional connection…and avoid jealousy!

– A common “sign of weakness” that doesn’t just turn men off, but actually pushes them away.

– What he’s really thinking!

– And much more…

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