Why We Flop In Love

Non-Fiction: Empowering Consciousness, Life Wellness, Personal Excellence.

Love is usually accepted with three elements of Mystery, Magic and Marvel. The ‘3Ms’ land many of us in troubles and pains of love. The magnificent dualism is – love’s mystery makes it flamboyantly thrilling. Still, the mysticism engenders loads of confusion and conflicts, making us flop in love. Success of love is in non-dualistic positioning, a simple and practical realism, yet very elusive!
The dualism is in the mysticism, magic and marvel of love. This mysticism of love is what most lovers get attracted to initially. This suits the consciousness of love. This marvel of love gives the men and women huge kicks of life. Young minds get huge thrills in journeying amidst the mist of mysticism of love as precariousness of the enterprise always has its own joy. Similar is the human desire, when it comes to religion and spiritualism. Mysticism is preferred state here too. However, this mysticism further confuses those in love and faith and this confusion in turn leads to calamitous patterns of behaviors and actions in love. The resultant pain and chaos is cyclic.
However, the new thinking, explains hitherto unexplored aspects of the physical, bio-chemical, emotional and other mechanisms and processes of love, as human mind handles them, in a holistic, assimilative and integrative way. This surely takes away lots of mysticism, magic and marvel out of the age-old notion of love and archetypal imagery of love in society. However, it is hugely helpful in clearing the mist of confusion and chaos around the very core idea of love. This surely makes us be successful in love and relish true love and absolute intimacy.

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