Your Best Year Yet!

The ebook edition of this best-selling book. Your Best Year Yet is the perfect guide to help you realise goals and overcome last year’s limitations. The proven methods in the book will make this year into the most successful ever.

Your Best Year Yet is the perfect handbook to help people realise their goals in 12 months. Jinny Ditzler has almost two decades of experience with the Best Year Yet programme. Her results are inspiring; in this clear-cut guide anyone can set aside three hours of their time and transform their life.

Your Best Year Yet asks you challenging questions about your expectations, accomplishments and goals for the future. It is not until you take time to sit down and really think about what you want out of the next year that you can start working towards your goals.

Ditzler asks us to outline our accomplishments, disappointments, limitations, personal values, goals, our roles in life and shows us how to develop our own programme to achieving our goals and learning from our mistakes.


“Personal success does not have to be years away. Jinny Ditzler masterfully guides you from thought to action and inspires you to start actualising your heart’s desires this year.”

“Whether you’re a harried homemaker or a confused corporate executive, YOUR BEST YEAR YET! offers a clearly defined, easily implemented and profoundly effective method for getting your life back on track. Forget New Year’s Resolutions… read this instead.”
Dr. Tony Alessandra, author of THE PLATINUM RULE and CHARISMA

About the author

Jinny Ditzler has been using the Best Year Yet programme to help clients achieve their personal and professional goals for the past two decades. She has set up a company with affiliates in the US and Europe to bring this programme to individuals the world over.

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