Your Money Milestones: A Guide to Making the 9 Most Important Financial Decisions of Your Life

A whole new way to look at your money…and make it grow!

What are you really worth?

Do you have too much debt–or too little?

Will your house ever pay dividends?

Are kids assets? Can marriages diversify?

Does more risk truly mean higher return?

When can you actually retire?

Nine financial decisions will make or break your future. Make them wisely, with Your Money Milestones. Dr. Moshe A. Milevsky offers you a whole new way to think about money: one that will help you make better choices about college, homebuying, retirement, insurance, debt, even kids!

Milevsky’s simple, elementary-school formulas walk you through planning and making every big financial decision over your lifecycle.

That’s not all: Milevsky shares insights that are fascinating, surprising, provocative–and thoroughly based on the latest research in finance and human psychology. In other words: if you want to be wealthier, more secure, and happier, too, read this book.

Test Dr. Milevsky’s money decision-making techniques,

hands-on, at!

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