Your Transformative Journey: Making the Conscious Decision to Explore Your Unconscious Self

KESWIN™ Mini-Guide YOU101 ebook

Your Quest Begins Here: Be the Hero Who Seeks Treasure!

Your Transformative Journey is an overview of your Heroic Quest to discover your true value and uniqueness, and give you the tools and resources to live with purpose.

KESWIN™ Mini-Guides are a series of guidebooks intended to mentor you through Transformative Journeys to:

● Seek and discover valuable treasure hidden in your subconscious and unconscious minds.

● Utilise this treasure for your self-improvement and to create a life that makes your heart sing.

● Share your treasure with others through building meaningful passion-based ventures.

Deb Donnell’s lifelong mission is to ensure that you do not die with your treasure still buried inside of you. Author, publisher, NLP Master Practitioner and founder of KESWIN™ Academy, she is committed to guiding you safely on your Heroic Quest to create a substantial life.

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