Zeal-Fully Loving God To Change

“A Half Truth is a Whole Lie!”

We are always full to the brim with our perceptions of reality as a total sum of information. Some of that information is “Half-Truths” masquerading as “Whole-Truths” competing for supremacy in efforts to define who and what we are. “Lies,” however you define them will often hide behind “Half-Truths!” We often accept lies because we have learned that like M & M candy the chocolate inside is good. Those many-many colors of “Half Truths” are so familiar to us. We eat our M&M candy unawares of their true nature. We often gobble them down without much thought and a smile always coming back for more and more. What would you think your reaction would be if after years and years of eating those M&M candies you found out the chocolate hiding inside had been laced with just a little poison? What would your reaction be when you realized that in your own blind ignorance you had been eating and feeding poison to friends and family who we say we love so dearly? We are many times easily and willfully lead into, or beguiled and tricked into, a mine field of “Half-Truths” by and through worldly wisdom and satanic suggestion. As a result, in all of us there are usually several “Half-Truths” in various stages of incubation waiting to be birthed and released onto others who are largely just as unawares and naïve. What is the reason for this? Satan, through satanic suggestion uses the flesh based systems to gaining access to mankind through spiritual cracks in our Christian beliefs system. This happens slowly over time as we become accustomed to, and accepting of, satanic manipulation. In the comfort of our own Church environments we’ve grown accustomed to, and complacent of, religion believing that much of Christianity is without any deviation or error from what God put into place in the Christian Bible. This poisonous affect is very slow moving, creeping along with a sense of incrementalism or gradualism, and changing the underlying facts of our belief systems here and there –little by little. After some time we accept and accommodate – or at least tolerate these changes! A tolerant attitude today becomes tomorrow’s normal accepted behavior. We then further justify our new belief systems in subsequent generations as new biblically based realities. In reality “Half-Truths” are masquerading as “Whole-Truths” disguising religious LIES! Say hello to religion! Eventually we will say things like: “We do it this way because that is the way it has always been done!” “I do it this way because that is the way I was taught to do it!” “It is our custom around here!” “You’re not from around here, are you?” This error is missed because we spend so much time looking at ourselves in extreme selfishness and not outwardly towards God in love. This book in large part deals with the dark aspects of life and the sickness of mankind from a Christian’s perspective. The book represents the preparatory work and foundation for any Christian Counseling scenario. It is for all Christian Friendships, Christian Marriages and their Families as well as all aspects of Christian Church Ministry. From the Christian Home to Church and on to the work place and communities at large. Please do not think that this book is a general faith based book for all religions. It is a Christian bases book which represents but one faith.

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